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Tips for Wearing Comfortable High Heels

Not all women are blessed with long legs. Therefore, many choose to use high heels or high heels to support their appearance. Various types of high heels on the market, such as stilettos, pumps, or wedges, with beautiful models and colors, of course, make women compete to collect and use them. Women who use high heels tend to feel more confident and look attractive.

Comfortable with High Heels

Although it makes you look beautiful and charming, it turns out the use of high heels save a variety of health risks. Starting from causing discomfort when worn for too long and often, increasing the risk of foot injury, to cause muscle pain in the legs and feet. To minimize this, here are some tips for using comfortable high heels:
  • Make sure the shoe size matches

  • Measuring feet, it's best not just to be long. The width of the leg should also be considered. Measurements should be taken at night in a standing position. The size that does not fit, will increase the burden and pain in the legs.
  • Choose shoes with thick heels or heels

  • This type of shoe prevents the focus from focusing on the sole or front of the foot sole. The feet will also be more stable because the body load is supported more evenly. The stretching of the tissues and muscles of the leg is not too large when compared to styleto which has the right shape of small and sharp. This type of shoe can also minimize Achilles tendon disruption.
  • Wide toe shoes

  • As far as possible, avoid high heels with pointed tips. It is recommended to choose shoes that have space at the tips of your toes. It's best not to wear shoes that cause pain in the tips or toes of the toes.
  • Look for soft ingredients

  • Compared to using high heels made of rigid leather, to be more comfortable, you should choose a soft material.
  • Use footwear pads

  • Now available various types of footwear pads. For high heels, you can use soft silicone footwear. The cushion is sufficiently tucked in the front of the foot to reduce the pressure.
  • Choose high heels with open ends

  • This type of shoe can help reduce pressure on the toe. This will be very helpful for those of you who experience protrusion at the base of the thumb (bunion) or little toe.
  • Note the degree of slope of high heels

  • Shoes that have a right of about 10 cm are likely to dip sharply down, but there are also those who have a more gentle slope. We recommend that you choose the second type, to reduce pain in the sole of the foot.
  • Minimize the use of high heels

  • Use shoes with lower heels, making the foot position closer to the natural position. The experts suggest, the use of shoes does not exceed 5 cm, with a time of use that is not too long.
Although high heels are suitable for perfecting appearance, but you should avoid using them for too long and often, because they have health risks, such as muscle injuries, arthritis, and increase the risk of injury to the foot. If you frequently use high heels and have complaints about your feet, such as pain in your joints, changes in your feet, or difficulty walking, you should consult a doctor for further examination and treatment.