Tips for Wearing Comfortable High Heels

Not all women are blessed with long legs. Therefore, many choose to use high heels or high heels to support their appearance. Various types of high heels on the market, such as stilettos, pumps, or wedges, with beautiful models and colors, of course, make women compete to collect and use them. Women who use high heels tend to feel more confident and look attractive. Comfortable with High Heels Although it makes you look beautiful and charming, it turns out the use of high heels save a variety of health risks. Starting from causing discomfort when worn for too long and often, increasing the risk of foot injury, to cause muscle pain in the legs and feet. To minimize this, here are some tips for using comfortable high heels: Make sure the shoe size matches Measuring feet, it's best not just to be long. The width of the leg should also be considered. Measurements should be taken at night in a standing position. The size that does not fit, will increase the burden and pain
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